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The EXO-TECH Carbon is a modular helmet from the scorpion brand. The helmet comes with a chin guard which ensures better safety. In addition, the EXO-TECH carbon comes with an EXO-COM bracket. With this bracket you can expand the helmet with  Scorpion’s  EXO-COM communication system. This system is not supplied as standard, so you will have to purchase it separately.

The helmet is P/J certified which means that it is also approved as a jet helmet.  As a result, you can drive up with the chin guard open. Sometimes we get customers in the showroom who think that you can drive open with any modular helmet,  but this is absolutely not the case. A helmet must be P/J certified if you want to be able to ride with it open.  P/J Certification is generally seen with the better modular helmets.

Scorpion’s EXO-TECH has a Kwikwick C inner liner. The liner is removable, washable, antibacterial and it has moisture-wicking properties. The lining also has Kwikfit cheek pads, which make the helmet glasses friendly.

The Scorpion EXO-TECH Carbon has a starting price of  €440,- and will compete with the Shoei Neotec  2, the Schuberth c5, The AGV Tourmodular, the HJC RPHA 90s carbon and a number of other helmets from the top segment.


OThe EXO-TECH is made of Carbon. Carbon is the best material a helmet can be made of, so we like to see a shell that is completely made of carbon. It is unfortunate to see that the helmet comes in only two shell sizes. Our preference is always for a scale that has at least 3 shell sizes. This not only makes the helmet safer, but it is more comfortable and it also looks nicer.


Of course, you want a helmet to be as light as possible. This gives a fine riding experience and  it prevents  fatigue in the neck. Scorpion claims to have brought a lightweight helmet to the market with the  Exo  Tech Carbon.  If we weigh the Scorpion Exo Tech Carbon in a size M, the scale indicates: 1535 Grams.


The EXO-TECH Carbon is Pinlock prepared and can be expanded with a maxvision  pinlock  lens. This is also included as standard in the box, which is absolutely top notch. The helmet also features an integrated Speed View  sun  visor, which is nice when riding with a bright sun. If we look at the visor mechanism, we see that it is solidly made. It’s less advanced than what we see on the Shoei Neotec  2, but it’s still finely made. What is also special about this helmet is that it is the only one of its competitors to come in standard with a dark second visor in the box.

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