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EXO-R1 AIR Scorpion presents a completely newly developed racing helmet with improved properties and lower weight. The large upper vent takes in more air and the aerodynamically designed exhaust vents efficiently extract the hot air, but remain silent even when driving very fast, thanks to slim but large vents, they correspond to an elegant and slim shell shape. EXO-R1 Air gives you the most valuable experience if you love to ride, no matter what biker you are. EXO-R1 Air can meet various ranges of customer requirements; from recreational to professional motorcyclists.

Now Scorpion can finally say they are back in the premium racing segment with the successor to the Exo-2000 Air. Meet the Scorpion Exo R1 Air! A lightweight fiber-mix TCT (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) outer shell (in 3 shell sizes!) with an aggressive design and aerodynamics makes it clear that we’re dealing with something serious. The fit is comparable to the Exo 1400 Air and is a very neutral intermediate oval that will appeal to many riders. The interior is a comfortable spot, with a Kwikwick3® inner pad that feels super soft and wicks moisture like nothing else. In keeping with Scorpion tradition, the Exo R1 Air features an Airfit system that allows you to inflate the cheek pads for a tailored fit. The cheek pads have an integrated bolster with some type of elastic material that sits flush against the jawbones and neck to drastically reduce noise levels. As you would expect from a racing helmet of this category, the cheek pads are quickly removable in an emergency.

The so-called 2-dimensional visor is completely flat on the front and is prepared for tear-off foils. That’s one more box if you’re looking for a full-on racing helmet! The visor is also prepared for a Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog lens, and of course such a lens is included. You will also find a free dark visor in the box! It’s always a must to keep your head cool when setting the pace on the track. Therefore, the Exo R1 has a sophisticated ventilation system. There is a large central vent on the chin, which allows you to either direct the air towards the visor to prevent fogging, or towards your face to prevent overheating. There is a large central air intake at the top of the helmet. The hot air from inside the helmet can escape through a large central passive exhaust port on the back and through 2 smaller exhaust ports. These last two are very efficient because they are placed under the big spoiler. Finally, the Exo R1 has speaker cutouts in case you want to install a Bluetooth communication system.

Special features


Ultra TCT thermodynamic fiber blend with composite technology, 3 shell sizes
Developed by Scorpion®, the revolutionary fabric with a new structure guarantees unique safety. Extremely lightweight, the crumple zone progressively absorbs more energy on impact.

clear 2D racing visor, Pinlock MaxVision prepared, tear-off foils prepared. Free dark smoke visor included!
Ellip-Tec ™ tool-free visor changes in seconds. Spring pulls the visor against its seal to ensure maximum sealing.
Pinlock Maxvision™ The Pinlock Max Vision visor ensures 100% fog-free vision. The anti-fog lens used is inserted into the ScorpionEXO® visor – tear-off films offer maximum transparency (optional accessory).

KwikWick3® – temperature regulating fabric keeps you cool and dry in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Inner lining is easily removable and washable

Titanium Double D Ring™ High strength titanium D ring system with industry leading durability.

Gradually adjustable front and rear air vents with wind deflectors reduce drag and create a vacuum to maximize airflow through the helmet.

Airfit system to inflate the cheek pads to further optimize the fit

tested according to ECE.2205

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