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The Scorpion EXO-Combat 2 is the new open face helmet from the brand Scorpion. This streetfighter helmet doesn’t look like one but we will discuss this in the video! The helmet is the successor to the very popular Scorpion EXO-Combat, so sit back to find out how well this helmet performs out on the road!

Here in front of me I have the new Scorpion EXO-Combat 2. This helmet has been improved, according to Scorpion, in the fit and noise. We are going to take this helmet out on the road to see if this really is the case, but we are going to start the review in the studio.

The EXO-Combat 2 has a round-oval fit and is available in the sizes XS up to XXL. The helmet has a retail price of about 200 euros or 200 US Dollars. Because the helmet is a streetfighter it will compete with the Shark S-Drak 2, Shark Street Drak, Scorpion Covert-FX and the Bell Broozer.



We are now going to start the review with the material. The EXO-Combat 2 is made out of polycarbonate and comes in 2 outer shell sizes (XS – L & XL – XLL). Two outer shell sizes is not the best result, because the more outer shell sizes the better.

A motorcycle helmet with more outer shell sizes not only looks better, but is also safer. This earns the helmet 2,5 stars for material.

If we are going to compare this result with its competitors we see that it scores the same as the Street Drak. The broozer did slightly better because it has 3 outer shell sizes. The S-Drak 2 and the Covert FX have the same amount of outer shell sizes but are made out of fiberglass, so they earn 3 stars.



Ok! So far for material. We continue with the weight. A heavier helmet causes fatigue in the neck and influences your riding comfort. So the lighter the helmet, the better.

When we weighed the EXO-Combat 2 in a size M the scale indicated 1361 grams which is very light. This earns the helmet 5 stars for weight.

If we are going to compare this with its competitors you can see they actually all do very well. This is because almost all open face helmets are lighter than, for example full face helmets. Only the Broozer scored 4 stars as it was slightly heavier. The Street Drak is the lightest helmet with a weight of 1050 grams which is extremely light.



Now that we’ve discussed the material and the weight, we’ll move on to the visor. The EXO-Combat 2 has a visor that is only anti-fog treated.

This visor is unfortunately not Pinlock Lens prepared which is a missed opportunity. The built in visor mechanism is relatively simple. This earns the EXO-Combat 2 only 2 Stars for the visor.

If we look at how the helmet did in comparison with its competitors we see that it has earned the same amount of stars as the S-Drak 2, and scored better than the Street Drak and the Broozer. Only the new Covert FX does better with 4 stars for the visor.


Road test Setup

Before we start the Road-test, a quick reminder about how we collect our data. On the left side you see a white thermometer that shows the inside temperature of the helmet, this is connected to a sensor inside the helmet.

Above in the middle you see the decibel meter, this is connected to a microphone that is placed near our rider’s ear. This captures the sound as our rider hears it.

On the right, we see a phone that displays wind speed and outside temperature. This is connected to a wind meter mounted on our bike. In the middle, you see the dashboard of the bike showing the speed of our test rider.


Noise isolation

Now that you know how we collect our data, we’ll start the road test with the noise. When testing the helmet our test rider rode 130 kilometer with a windspeed of 120 kilometers an hour.

The decibel meter gave us an average value of 103 decibel which is a solid result and earns the helmet 3 stars.

If we compare this with its competitors we see that it does better than both helmets of Shark. These two helmets had a value of 107 decibel and only earned 1 star for noise. The Covert-FX and the Broozer did better with 100 Decibel and 102 Decibel.


Now that we’re done with the noise, we’ll move on to the ventilation of the Combat 2. On the chin there is a vent that you can open and close. You can control these vents with a slider on the inside of the chin bar. There is also a top vent that you can open and close with a slider.

When we tested the helmet on the road it was 23.5 degrees outside and 24.5 degrees Celsius inside the helmet. This means that it was 1 degree hotter inside the helmet than the outside temperature, which is a great result. This earns the EXO-Combat 2 a nice 4 stars.

If we compare this with its direct competitors we see that it scored pretty good. There was one helmet where the inside temperature was slightly cooler than the outside temperature, this was the Street Drak. The other helmets all performed less as they were 2 degrees or more hotter inside the helmet.



Let’s move on to the only subjective component and that is comfort. For the comfort part, we lean on the more than 15 years of riding experience of our test rider, who has also tested all the other helmets and thus can make the comparison like no other.

Besides the amazing look that this helmet has, our test rider found the EXO-Combat 2 a helmet that felt reasonably comfortable while riding, thanks to its Kwikwick inner lining. This inner lining is completely removable, washable and is moisture wicking. The moisture wicking fabric keeps your head dry and comfortable while riding on your bike.

When we add all this up the EXO-Combat 2 deserves 2 stars for comfort. If we compare this to its competitors, we see that it was on par with the street drak. The S-Drak 2 and the Covert FX did slightly better earning 2.5 stars and the Broozer earning 3 stars.



Before we look at the total overview, we will first discuss the features. The features are all the extras that the helmet comes with.

The first thing we are going to mention is that you can remove the chin bar using push buttons on the side of the helmet. You can remove the chin bar, for example, for some extra cooling on the hot summer days or you don’t feel like riding with a fully closed helmet.

In addition, the helmet uses Scorpion’s Kwitfit. Kwitfit is a cut-out in the cheek cushion so that glasses can easily be put on and off. And to fasten the helmet you can use the ratchet closure.

And the last thing we are going to mention is that the helmet is approved according to the ECE 22.06 certification.

If we add all this up the EXO-Combat 2 earns 3 stars for the features. If we compare this result with its rivals we see that is scored the same as the new Covert FX. The Bell Broozer scored 2 stars and the two Shark helmets ended up at the bottom of the list with 1.5 stars and 1 star.



With this, we have arrived at the conclusion. Summing what we saw before: the Scorpion EXO-Combat 2 earned 2.5 stars for the material part because it is made of polycarbonate and comes in 2 outer shell sizes. It weighed 1361 grams, which is very light for a helmet so it earned the full 5 stars and 2 stars for the visor because this visor is only anti-fog prepared and a relatively simple visor mechanism.

For ventilation it earned 4 stars due to a 1 degree difference, which is a solid result, and with a value of 103 decibel it earned 3 stars for noise. For comfort, the EXO-Combat 2 earned 2 stars and for features because you can take of the chin bar it got a good 3 stars.

If we add up all the stars the EXO-Combat 2 from earns an average of 3.1 stars where you pay 9 euros per earned star.

Would you like more information about the Scorpion EXO Combat 2? Then be sure to take a look on our web shop where we always offer the lowest price guarantee and have nice discount bundles. Also don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more road test and reviews.

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