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The Scorpion EXO-491 is a budget-friendly full-face helmet and the successor of the EXO-490. This new sports touring helmet is made for the novice rider who is looking for a reasonable helmet for little money. The EXO-491 is intended for those who drive sportily but also want to make longer rides. The helmet comes with a ratchet closure and an integrated SpeedView sun visor. The Scorpion EXO-491 will compete with the Nolan N87 plus, the Shark Skwal 2.2, the HJC I70, The Shark Spartan RS And the Scorpion EXO 1400 Air.

The EXO-491 is a budget helmet and has a suggested retail price of €139. The helmet is Pinlock prepared and has a Kwikwick C liner. The liner is removable, washable and moisture-wicking. The fabric feels soft and is antibacterial. The liner also has Kwikfit cheek pads, which make the helmet glasses friendly. These features can also be seen on the EXO-920 EVO and the EXO-930 from Scorpion.


The outer shell is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is less strong than fiberglass. As a result, more material is needed to provide an equivalent level of protection. Furthermore, the helmet comes in 3 shell sizes. Based on these results, the EXO-491 gets 3 stars. When we compare this to its competitors, we see that most helmets scored as well or even less than the EXO-491. This is mainly because the EXO-491 comes in 3 shell sizes, where most of its competitors only have two shell sizes. The only helmet that did better was the Scorpion EXO 1400 Air, thanks to its fiberglass outer shell.


You want a helmet to be as light as possible. A light helmet provides a pleasant driving experience and it prevents fatigue in the neck. If we weigh the Scorpion EXO-491 in a size M, the scale shows 1603 grams. But how good is this really? Let’s take a look at the results of its competitors. If we look at the weight, we see that the EXO-491, with a weight of 1603 grams, is one of the heaviest helmets compared to its competitors.


Another important element of a helmet is the visor. Scorpion offers the option to expand the helmet with a MaxVision pinlock lens. Pinlock has the great function of reducing condensation, what prevents a fogged visor! A pinlock lens is placed on the inside of a visor so that it functions as double glass. Unfortunately, this lens is not included in the box as standard.

Features Scorpion EXO-491

Helmet Type: Ful-Face helmet
Shell material: Polycarbonate
Visor: Scratch-resistant and anti-fog
Weight: 1603 grams
Closure: micrometric
Lining: Removable and washable
Ventilation: Air inlet on the chin guard and on top of the helmet. Air outlet on the back of the helmet
Certified: E22-06

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