LS2 Rapid Mini Crazy Pop Kid- M



Multi-density EPS
Reinforced chinstrap
Magnet lining attachment

Shell sizes

LS2 offers multiple case sizes, custom-sized EPS protective films and our high-performance, high-quality comfort filler as well as 3D laser-cut plastic foam for a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day

Made of HPTT

The carbon fiber is a widely used material in the aerospace industry, also known in Formula 1 and Moto-GP. Carbon fiber is unlikely to be tough and lightweight. The LS2 uses multiple layers of our carbon fiber throughout the case, creating a lightweight yet strong structure that dampens the impacts and disperses the energy into safer zones


LS2 Helmets are equipped with a breath deflector that keeps the breath away from the visor when the visor is closed and minimizes the wind when the visor is open


LS2 visors are made from 3D optically correct “A-class” polymers, a space exploration polymer with high resistance to impact energy and maximum visibility. Our visors are stable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. All this combined with the ultimate PINLOCK technology provides the most advanced anti-fog standard

Pinlock ready

To prevent fogging of the visor while driving, LS2 recommends Pinlock. A system that prevents the natural fogging of the visor caused by breathing, without having to compromise on visibility

Quick release system

This patented system allows easy mounting and dismounting of the sight without tools. Its fine mechanism with several metal springs allows smooth opening and closing of the visor

Dynamic Ventialtion

LS2 helmets have a so-called “Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation”. Multiple adjustable inlet channels and EPS damping with air ducts, in conjunction with the rear spoiler and exhaust ducts, provide permanent inflation and deflation to provide the driver with cool and comfortable conditions

Quick closure

The metal buckle combines with a high-quality chin strap with a plastic tongue with teeth. When closing you hear a soft “click”. As far as locking until you reach a comfortable but tight seat. Pull the ribbon to unlock the tongue. Further adjustment options are provided by the chinstrap on the side of the metal buckle

Comfort lining

All LS2 helmets have removable and washable inner lining to keep them fresh and new. Our anatomically designed cheek pads are based on LS2’s 3D laser technology for a perfect fit. We use hypoallergenic substances, which remove the moisture to ensure the driver always pleasant conditions

Laser cut upholstery

Foam with different densities is laser cut in 3D and adapts perfectly to the driver’s head shape


Attached to the back of the helmet shell, the neck pad ensures a comfortable position of the head in the helmet. In the event of an accident, it prevents unwinding of the helmet in conjunction with a properly closed chinstrap

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