Handroid POD All Black XL (Mk4)

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The Knox Handroid Pod MK 4 motorcycle glove is the popular short cuff version of the award winning Handroid.   

The latest version of the award winning Knox Handroid Pod glove is the Mk 4. Due to its design these are the most striking motorcycle gloves ever made. The design includes features such as the scaphoid protection system as well as the eye catching exo skeleton finger spines which cover the tops of the fingers for impact protection as well as a unique closing system which always ensures a perfect fit.

Now the latest Handroid Pod takes all of these features and refines them. The finger spines are now softer and of a lower, more aerodynamic profile, yet no less effective when it comes to protection.  The body of the glove is made from drum dyed Korean leather. This has been chosen for its feel, light weight, and strength. Complementing this is 0.8mm kangaroo hide which is used on the palm. While the strength and feel offered by this hide is exceptional it’s still responsibly and ethically sourced.

A new SPS impact system is the most recent development of the Knox patented Scaphoid protection system. This now has Micro-Lock armour incorporated into the design of each slider.

A collaboration with BOA to improve the wrist closure system, has resulted in a new dial system that is lower in profile and is a simple 1 step dial in system that is much more comfortable and secure.  The cuff itself is non bulky and can be worn inside or outside the sleeve of most jackets.

Box construction of the fingers makes for an even more comfortable glove that fits even better than previous models.

The CE testing for the Handroid covers 15 different tests. As a result, independent testers have given the gloves a CE EN 13594 rating. This covers so much including the materials used, the fit, the cut of the glove, its abrasion resistance, the all-important seam and tear strength as well as impact absorption.

Separate tests were conducted for design and construction as well as tests on the materials used. This included checking features as detailed as the pH value of the leather as well as its chromium V1 content. In addition to the sizing dexterity the cadmium content and even the water vapour transmission were also measured. Strength tests included the Handroids’ restraint tear strength, the seam strength, cut resistance, abrasion resistance and, of course the impact resistance and the size of the protective area. The Handroid passes all with flying colours.

For the 2022 season they are touch screen enabled.

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